Daniel Lawrence

Position: Technical Sales Manager South East Start Date: Jan 2020

What does your role involve on a typical day at GFS?

A typical day?! One of the reasons I love my role is that my days are incredibly varied. I could be doing anything from site visits, training on site, visiting contractors or M&Es in the office to trade days with local and national merchants to meet new installers who haven’t heard of GFS. No two days are the same in this role.

What do you think about the GFS product range?

I feel the GFS product range really has its place in the market, we have a manufacturer with over 40yrs worth of experience who has listened to the installer and come back with a product range which is not only made with quality and precision but with ease and safety in mind whilst keeping the prices down for the customer. To me that ticks all the boxes!

If you were an installer, would you choose GFS products over other brands and why?

I would choose GFS because the product is of fantastic quality and has been developed with safety and easy installation in mind. The competitive pricing means there’s no need to compromise.

What do you think about the manufacturing processes at GFS?

The manufacturing process at GFS is a well thought out and in depth process which only comes with experience and listening to the customers’ requirements.

What is the GFS company ethos for you?

Quality, going above and beyond to make it work for the client and offering all of this at an affordable price for the customer

Do you believe that GFS can be a market leader in the Flexible Metal Hose industry and why?

GFS will be a market leader within CSST for a few simple reasons, quality of the product going beyond EU and UK building regulations, a product which has been designed with the installer in mind and a competitive price point in the market, along with customer service into the mix. We definitely have a team and product which will dominate the market within a short space of time

What is the reaction that you get when you demonstrate GFS products to potential customers?

They see that we are a manufacturer that has looked at a product, seen where it can be improved and has done it!! They’re impressed with our products and competitive pricing too.

What drives you to create new innovative ideas for the GFS product range?

I want to keep GFS at the front of the market. I’m proud to represent such an innovative company and great team and I want to keep it that way