Linden Schluter

Position: National Specifications Manager

Start Date: January 2020

What does your role involve on a typical day at GFS?

My working days can vary but the main focus is on ensuring key decision makers have the information they require to make informed choices. My role gives me the opportunity to work with design consultancies, main contractors, small and large M&E Contractors, specialist plumbing and heating contractors, and the merchants that supply their projects.

What do you think about the GFS product range?

The range is the best for many important reasons, the materials used in production are very high quality, the manufacturing processes are the most stringent including additional unique GFS production processes created to produce unrivalled product strength and stability. Many products include unique patented features created to ensure a superior system performance and safety whilst significantly reducing installation times. Designers, suppliers, installers and end users can all have total confidence in the products manufactured by GFS.

If you were an installer, would you choose GFS products over other brands and why?

Without question, GFS products are easier and safer to install, for improved onsite efficiency. In addition, every GFS product easily meets and often exceeds required standards, giving installers complete peace of mind.

What do you think about the manufacturing processes at GFS?

The company’s manufacturing processes are rigorous, the result of over forty years of experience. Each stage has been refined to create the highest standard in production and quality control. I have witnessed this in company videos and discussed production methods and standards at length with experienced colleagues who have spent a lot of time involved with production in our factory. A quick inspection of our products and comparisons to others will also clearly show why we are leading the way.

What is the GFS company ethos for you?

One of harmony, every team member is valued and supported to maximise their potential in order to deliver the best customer experience. We are unified in a core belief that the highest quality products should be matched with the highest level of service. Our team works closely together to ensure standards remain consistently high at all times

Do you believe that GFS can be a market leader in the Flexible Metal Hose industry and why?

We already are in terms of our product quality, their functionality and safety features, also in terms of the service levels we offer. We are behind in just one area, customer awareness but this is changing. As more decision makers are introduced to GFS, our market share will improve until it comes into line with our products and services.

What is the reaction that you get when you demonstrate GFS products to potential customers?

It starts very positively and quickly turns to the realisation that up until this point their installations have been slowed down and often compromised by the products previously used. It is nice to see the recognition that there is a better way and they can benefit greatly from the GFS solution.

What drives you to create new innovative ideas for the GFS product range?

Maintaining and improving our customers experience with GFS is my main drive in this area. I take a keen interest in customer feedback which we are encouraged to share to help stimulate new ideas as part of a continuous drive to produce the leading solutions in our field.