Melanie Collins

Position: Regional Technical Manager

Start Date: January 2019

CSST Systems expert, Mel Collins

What does your role involve on a typical day at GFS?

My role varies and this is why I love my job so much. I manage projects from the start to completion, this will involve speaking to everyone in the chain. I actively search for new projects, but also visit Merchants, mechanical engineers and contractors for brand awareness and training.

I can be in a merchants in the morning, then on a building site and finish my day with a consultant.

What do you think about the GFS product range?

As a company we are innovative and leading the way in the market, we don’t reproduce what our competitors do, we do it differently. We were the first to market with our universal cooker hoses, which leading market leaders in this field then replicated. Our range is extensive, we have more choice on fittings and design everything with the installer in mind. Most importantly though, I am confident in our products and would only use GFS gas products in my home.

If you were an installer, would you choose GFS products over other brands and why?

Firstly, our unique fitting CSST systems have no split rings, making it easy to install, the fittings are designed to make a safe and secure connection to ensure no gas leaks. Building sites are noisy places and you can be working in all weathers, so we have taken away the hardest part of installation to allow the installer to push on and tighten.

Secondly, we have so many different fittings and sizings to reduce the need of having too many fittings on certain CSST systems, we offer male irons with a test point as just one example.

Thirdly, our pipe in pipe solution doesn’t just solve the ventilation problem but also for passing through walls. Our GFSPlus is a solution that not only meets regulations but means you can be confident that no further sleeving will be required on the installation. I guess the real question to installers is, why aren’t you using GFS products?

What do you think about the manufacturing processes at GFS?

I personally haven’t been to the factory in Turkey but my line manager has and by all accounts it’s impressive. There is an online tour of the factory on our website, which shows lots of manufacturing processes. What is clear that GFS uses the highest grade of raw materials and our products are tested rigorously.

What is the GFS company ethos for you?

GFS has a very family feel, everyone in our company is important to the success of our business. Working for GFS I am valued, heard and also cared for, we have the right working balance and everyone in our company has passion to make GFS the market leader.

Do you believe that GFS can be a market leader in the Flexible Metal Hose industry and why?

I don’t believe we can be, I believe we will be!

What is the reaction that you get when you demonstrate GFS products to potential customers?

I love demonstrating our CSST systems. We have pipe and fittings that are cut open so that contractors can see how our fittings interlock. They are always pleased when they see how our system works and can get quite excited, and it’s because of these reactions I know we have a great product. The hardest part is getting in front of people, and they always say they wished they had seen it sooner.

What drives you to create new innovative ideas for the GFS product range?

We are very innovative and we know that to become the market leader we need to be always improving our system and never become complacent.