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Steven Newey

Position: Sales Director

Start Date: May 2018

GFS CSST fitting system expert, Steven Newey

What does your role involve on a typical day at GFS?

Managing the sales and marketing operations at GFS including our sales team. I also oversee the sales of GFS products, including our GFS CSST fitting system.

What do you think about the GFS product range?

It is market leading and innovative compared to our competitors. Every product has the installer in mind to make their life easier, quicker but most importantly safer. Most of the GFS products come with patented features not found on any other competitors products and to offer some differentials to the market and our customers to ensure GFS products are a must for any gas engineer.

If you were an installer, would you choose GFS products over other brands and why?

Absolutely, with the patented features and uniqueness of the products any help and assistance to make the installers life hassle free has got to be a big plus. Everything from our patented CSST fitting system, the most efficient system in the UK to our swivel ended universal cooker hoses and not forgetting the only patented gas hob installation kit saving 50% installation time against traditional plumbing materials. My answer is Why wouldn’t you use GFS products.

What do you think about the manufacturing processes at GFS?

Having toured the factory and it’s manufacturing processes, quality and standards are at the forefront of all our products. From the highest grades of materials to substantial multiple testing throughout the manufacturing process, GFS will never compromise on quality and safety with their products.

What is the GFS company ethos for you?

One of a friendly team effort and that we all play a major part in its success no matter what role we have. The culture is very much that we all “muck in together” and if that means going the extra mile to deliver an urgent order or product, providing excellent customer service or being reliable and easy to deal with business then that is what GFS is all about.

Do you believe that GFS can be a market leader in the Flexible Metal Hose industry and why?

Definitely, we are passionate about our products, we believe we have advantages over many other products due to our patented features and we are committed to continual growth of our business through delivering the best products available. We are continually innovating and introducing new add on products to our range and with a dedicated R and D department at our manufacturing base we will continue to look to improve our products and add others to our range. We have a great team at GFS and with this important factor we can become the market leader in our sector.

What is the reaction that you get when you demonstrate GFS products to potential customers?

A mixture of amazement and relief when installers realise how much easier it is to install GFS products, such as the simple to use GFS CSST fitting system. There is also always a smile when the patented unique features are demonstrated and the penny drops that the GFS products can save me time and effort but also that I am not substituting this for safety. GFS is the “Best Kept Secret in the Industry” but not for much longer.

What drives you to create new innovative ideas for the GFS product range?

The desire and excitement to continually grow and improve as well as manufacturing something no other manufacturer has. At GFS we very much have the mindset that to become more of a leading player in our market or the market leader we have to constantly think of what can make the life of the installer or the installation more efficient, faster and safer.

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