Gas Flex Systems (GFS) are a leading manufacturer of high quality gas products, many of which have unique patented features exclusively found on GFS branded products.

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All GFS products have the installer in mind when we decide on our final manufacturing processes. Not only are we confident that you are installing the highest quality gas products, where materials and workmanship are never compromised, but many of our products include innovative and patented features found exclusively on GFS branded products. Install with confidence where you see the GFS brand mark including:

  • GFS CSST – offering a patented unique “Push and Seal” fitting system, the only push fit system available to any CSST system in the UK. GFS CSST pipe annealing process offers means that we can offer flexible long runs without the need for any hot works and fewer joints. It is quickly becoming the recognised alternative to rigid copper or steel pipework installed between the meter and appliance. Save up to 70% of installation time on a typical installation with GFS CSST, it can be installed on domestic, industrial and commercial applications including:
    • New build projects of multiple dwellings as GFS CSST
    • New gas installations
    • Replacement of existing gas installations
    • Extension of existing gas installations
  • GFS PLUS – the only genuine pipe in pipe CSST system in the UK, where installation criteria states CSST pipe must be sleeved, GFS can provide this pre sleeved version.
  • GFS Cooker Hoses – Universal for Natural Gas and LPG and the only hose where you will find a patented swivel end on both the angled bayonet and micropoint version of our hose
  • GFS Catering Hoses – complete with a quick release coupler and lanyard fixing kit
  • GFS HobLine – our patented gas hob installation kit is only available as through GFS saving 50% installation time against traditional plumbing materials.

The GFS team can provide complete technical support and are available to demonstrate the product either on site, at your offices or even remotely.


For up to date news, reviews and photos from recent projects, feel free to visit our Facebook page here. To speak with a member of the team please contact us here.


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