The new 2020 GFS Gas Flex Systems catalogue is available now! Available as either a printed catalogue (courtesy of our friends at Osborn London), or in digital form, the new 2020 GFS catalogue showcases all of GFS’s unique high quality gas products.   Previously known as the “industry’s best kept secret”, GFS are now proud to be known as “the next generation” for innovative, time saving gas products.   With the key focus on innovation, each GFS gas product offers superior market leading features.


View our brand new catalogue below or download to view at a later date.


Now is your chance to see why GFS are “the next generation” in the design and manufacturing of innovative, forward thinking gas products. The catalogue includes full details of all GFS products, including GFS CSST, GFS PLUS, GFS Cooker Hoses, GFS HobLine, GFS Catering Hoses, GFS Gas Cooker Sockets, GFS CSST Contractor Kits, GFS Test Point Male Fitting & GFS Lever Valve. You can view and download the full GFS 2020 catalogue by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. For a printed copy of the catalogue feel free to contact us here and we will send the catalogue directly to you.

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