Gas Flex Systems are proud to be innovators. We design our products with the installer and end user in mind. The GFS Gas Cooker Hose comes in 3 forms. The Straight Bayonet, the Angled Bayonet and the Micropoint. The Angled Bayonet and Micropoint cooker hoses from GFS come complete with a patented swivel end to make installation safer, easier and quicker. This particular feature can only be found on GFS branded cooker hoses.

Gas Cooker Hose Diagram | Cross Section of a GFS Cooker Hose

1. Stainless Steel Hose

2. Stainless Steel Braiding

3. TPE Jacket

4. Stainless Steel Ring

5. Connection Parts

Ensuring the safety of all users of our products, whether that be an installer or the end user means providing tangible evidence of thorough testing and use of high quality materials. GFS Cooker Hoses are manufactured in accordance with the EN 14800:2007 standard. EN 14800:2007 specifies the requirements of performance, the material and test methods of corrugated safety metal gas hose assemblies for the connection of domestic appliances, in order to achieve safe operation.

To offer the gas cooker hoses protection from the environment and other external influences we use a transparent TPE jacket. The TPE jacket provides a high resistance to corrosion, therefore ensuring a long product life and maximum safety. Using products that have a long life expectancy is not only economical but also a sensible decision for the environment. Cooker hoses need to be able to resist high temperatures and as such we test all our cooker hoses to 650 degrees celsius. All our gas cooker hoses are easily traceable with lot number applications and the bending radius can be mounted without cross section exceeding. We’re proud of the work that gets put into the design of our products and the patented design means that you know when you purchase GFS, you’re getting high quality. The GFS Cooker Hose range is suitable for use with 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases (Natural Gas, LPG and Manufacturing Gas). Plus, they are available in sizes of 1 metre, 1.25 metres, 1.5 metres and 2 metres! All these amazing features mean that you really should be using GFS Gas Cooker Hoses on your projects. If you’re still not convinced we are happy to demonstrate our products to you over a video meeting to keep you safe. We believe that we’re the best kept secret in the industry. Simply get in touch for more information.