Did you know that by using our innovative corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST), (along with our range of unique products that fit our corrugated stainless steel tubing,) you can cut installation times by up to 70%!!

Whether you are a lone installer, or have a team of installers working for you, by saving 70% on your installation time you can guarantee more time available for you and your team. More time equals more time for extra jobs, so ultimately more profit for you!

So why do GFS’s unique CSST and CSST related products cut installation time by up to 70%?

Well, firstly our patented CSST is easy to bend so this reduces the number of fittings and materials needed for installation. Our CSST is annealed, which gives it extreme flexibility and once in position it will stay there without reverting to its original state.
Our GFS CSST fitting system is the only “Push and Seal” mechanical push fit system on the market (there is no need to take apart our fitting before installation). This market leading patented system cuts out the need for special tooling, so in turn cuts down on installation time making your installation safer at the same time.

To show you exactly how easy and quick it is to install, here is a step by step video guide on how to assemble a GFS CSST fitting. You can find written instructions below.

  • Using a Pipe-Cutting Tool, make the required cut in the valley of two corrugations to the GFS CSST, ensuring full circular rotations are made in the same direction.
  • Using a Stripper/Safety Knife, cut the yellow sleeve approximately 30mm from the tubing end. The cut should be made in the valley of two corrugations, taking care and ensuring the minimum amount of material is removed.
  • Also, care should be taken when rotating the knife ensuring the cut is only deep enough to remove the yellow sleeve.
  • Apply slight pressure to the cutting tool between rotations to ensure that the tube is free from sharp edges, burrs and that a clean cut is achieved.
  • Push the GFS CSST firmly into the CGF Fitting ensuring the tube is fully inserted, and has bottomed-out against the stop of the fitting body.
  • Once the GFS tube is fully inserted into the GFS Fitting, remove the yellow plastic transportation ring situated between the GFS Hex and Compression Nut.
  • Tighten the assembly joint by hand, then using two spanners (one to hold the hex on the fitting, the other to tighten the nut) tighten to achieve a mechanically secure gas tight seal.
  • Ensure all joints are mechanically sealed before conducting a pressure drop gas tighten test. Once satisfied the installation is gas tight, wrap any exposed CSST and nut with self-amalgamating tape. This is to prevent any corrosion threat that may occur from the ingression of corrosive debris or cleaning products.


By switching to the GFS CSST system you will see a dramatic difference in time taken to install. Visit our product page to learn more about our CSST systems.