Our unique GFS Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, or CSST, is our flagship product from the GFS family of innovative gas heating products. Our patented GFS CSST fitting system is the ONLY “Push and Seal” mechanical push fit system for any CSST system currently available in the UK market.


We take the safety of our GFS CSST extremely seriously (as we do with all GFS products), so subject all of our products to vigorous testing. CSST is tested to EN 15266 Standards.


One very important test for stainless steel tubing of this type is a high temperature fire test, to ensure the CSST can withstand temperatures of over 800 degrees for at least 30 minutes.


As our GFS CSST system is fully permitted for use on 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases (Natural Gas, LPG and Manufacturing Gas), this test is one of the most important tests this product will be subjected to.


The reason this particular test needs to be at least 30 minutes long at that temperature is that this simulates the environment of a standard house fire. As the CSST is the only defense against any house fire igniting the main gas line, it needs to be tested extensively to ensure it can withstand the temperature of a house fire for at least 30 minutes.


With our mantra being ‘Think Safety, Think GFS’, we decided to take this testing one step further. That is why our GFS CSST is subjected to a fire test at over 800 degrees for 60 minutes, instead of the standard 30 minutes!

You can now rest assured that GFS CSST will remain intact and not melt in any house fire.


As well as the above, our GFS CSST also complies with EN 15266 which specifies the requirements for material, design, manufacture, testing and marking of stainless steel pliable corrugated gas tubing. Working to a maximum operating pressure less than or equal to 0.5bar and a nominal size range from DN15 to DN50.



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Think Safe, Think GFS!