Are you an installer of flexible gas hose products, either domestically or commercially? Or are you responsible for buying flexible gas hose products for your business? If so, you NEED to know about GFS PLUS and all the benefits this amazing product will offer you and your company.


Gas Flex Systems (GFS), have been designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative stainless steel gas and flexible metal hoses since 2004. Once known as “The Best Kept Secret” in the industry, GFS are now known as “The Next Generation”, continuing their advance into the market with their wide range of innovative and time saving products.


GFS have expanded their product range to include GFS PLUS, a unique, patented product which WILL save you and your installers up to 70% on installation times, compared to using traditional materials.

GFS PLUS image

So why is GFS PLUS the only product you should be considering buying on your next purchase order?


GFS PLUS is the ONLY genuine pipe-in-pipe CSST solution in the UK. GFS designed this product to be pre-sleeved, meaning you no longer need to waste time sleeving your CSST on-site. By removing the need to pre-sleeve your CSST on-site, you or your installers will save up to 70% on installation times (against rigid pipe and traditional plumbing materials). By cutting down on installation times, you or your installers will have more time to complete more jobs, putting MORE money in your pocket. In this current climate, who can turn down the opportunity to earn more cash?


The flexible piping system can easily bend around obstructions whilst installing. GFS PLUS is specifically designed to offer you a gas safe, easy to install end-to-end gas connection. The sleeve is manufactured from fire retardant PE compound.


GFS PLUS is suitable for installation within unvented voids, solid walls and floors.


GFS PLUS also complies fully with BS6891 installation requirements.



So now you know about this incredible product, which is exclusive to the GFS brand. If you are responsible for buying gas hose products for your business, GFS PLUS is the ONLY option you should be considering on your next purchase order.


Don’t take our word for it, get in touch with one of our trusted nationwide stockists today and order GFS PLUS for your next job. Or if you would like to book a free product demonstration we would be happy to arrange that too. Contact us here for a face to face demonstration of GFS PLUS.


We guarantee that once you use this product, you will never look back!