GFS CSST Contractor Kits are ideal for those smaller jobs that don’t require a whole coil of CSST. We manufacture our own GFS Contractor Kits to EN 15266 standards.

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GFS CSST Contractor Kits are ideal for smaller CSST installations such as:

  • Fire pits
  • Gas BBQs
  • Gas cooker and kitchen relocations
  • Boiler changes
  • Awkward and unusual places (lofts)

Our GFS Contractor Kits are available in coil lengths of 5m, 10m & 15m and covering size ranges from DN15 up to DN25


The kit comes complete with:

  • A length of GFS CSST suitable for smaller jobs
  • Two male iron GFS “Push and Seal” mechanical fittings
  • And, a roll of yellow, self-amalgamating tape

All neatly shrink wrapped and boxed for quick and easy installation.


Little to no waste with smaller coil lengths available


Ideal for smaller gas installations requiring a flexible and durable approach

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15266-FST-15-05 GFS KIT DN15 X 5M
15266-FST-15-10 GFS KIT DN15 X 10M
15266-FST-15-15 GFS KIT DN15 X 15M
15266-FST-20-05 GFS KIT DN20 X 5M
15266-FST-20-10 GFS KIT DN20 X 10M
15266-FST-20-15 GFS KIT DN20 X 15M
15266-FST-25-05 GFS KIT DN25 X 5M
15266-FST-25-10 GFS KIT DN25 X 10M
15266-FST-25-15 GFS KIT DN25 X 15M
15266-FST-32-05 GFS KIT DN32 X 5M
15266-FST-32-10 GFS KIT DN32 X 10M
15266-FST-32-15 GFS KIT DN32 X 15M


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