GFS CSST Contractor Kits are ideal for those smaller jobs that don’t require a whole coil of CSST. We manufacture GFS CSST Contractor Kits to EN 15266 standards.

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GFS CSST Contractor Kits are ideal for smaller CSST installation such as:

  • Fire pits
  • Gas BBQ’s
  • Gas Cooker and kitchen relocations
  • Boiler changes
  • Awkward and unusual places (lofts)

The kit comes complete with:

  • A length of GFS CSST suitable for smaller jobs
  • Two male iron GFS “Push and Seal” mechanical fittings
  • And, a roll of yellow, self-amalgamating tape

All neatly shrink wrapped and boxed for quick and easy installation.

GFS CSST Contractor Kits are available in coil lengths from 5m to 15m and covering size ranges from DN15 up to DN25.


Available in 5, 10m and 15m coil lengths and from DN15 up to DN25

Each kit comes complete with CSST coil, 2 male iron GFS couplers and a roll of yellow tape all neatly boxed.

Little to no waste with smaller coil lengths available


Ideal for smaller gas installations requiring a flexible and durable approach

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15266-FST-15-05 GFS KIT DN15 X 5M
15266-FST-15-10 GFS KIT DN15 X 10M
15266-FST-15-15 GFS KIT DN15 X 15M
15266-FST-20-05 GFS KIT DN20 X 5M
15266-FST-20-10 GFS KIT DN20 X 10M
15266-FST-20-15 GFS KIT DN20 X 15M
15266-FST-25-05 GFS KIT DN25 X 5M
15266-FST-25-10 GFS KIT DN25 X 10M
15266-FST-25-15 GFS KIT DN25 X 15M


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