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See below for some of the more common GFS CSST FAQS we get asked.

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Q. Where can I purchase your products including CSST?
A. GFS products are available through our network of distributors and stockists. However, any merchant should be able to purchase GFS products from our extensive network, ensure you ask for GFS branded products.
Q. Can I use other manufacturers CSST products with GFS CSST
A. The short answer is definitely NO. Due to our unique and patented design of our “Push and Seal” mechanical fittings, these are only to be used with GFS CSST pipe.
Q. Why should I use GFS CSST?
A. Our unique and patented fitting system together with our flexible annealed CSST pipe ensures you will be choosing the most efficient, fastest and most importantly safest CSST available in the UK.
Q. Can GFS CSST be buried?
A. GFS CSST pipe can be buried and is suitable for both internal and external installations. Please refer to our design and installation manual available to download via the toolkit section. GFS fittings must however be installed both within an accessible and ventilated area and cannot be buried.
Q. Can GFS CSST be used in unvented voids?
A. CSST cannot be installed within an unvented void installation unless it has an additional sleeve for ventilation purposes, therefore GFS PLUS, our own pre sleeved pipe-in-pipe system can then be used. Manufactured with an additional sleeve to comply with all regulations when installing CSST with an unvented void, GFS PLUS can also be used in all applications where an additional sleeve is required.
Q. Can I use GFS CSST with other traditional plumbing materialS?
A. Yes, the GFS fitting range is the largest available with adaptors from CSST to copper, also including both male and female iron ends in all sizes to cover all eventualities.
Q. Are Master Coils Available
A. Yes, although we have standard size coils available from stock, we can manufacture bespoke length coils and also longer length master coils. Give us a call today on 0203 9152557 and we can talk you through any enquiry.
Q. Do I need any specialist tools with GFS CSST?
A. Absolutely not, all you need to install GFS CSST is a utility knife, pipe cutter and wrenches to tighten.
Q. Do I need to take apart the GFS CSST fitting before installation?
A. No. The best bit about GFS CSST fittings is there are no split rings so no need to take apart our fitting, it is straight out of the bag and the only “Push and Seal” mechanical fitting available and also has a unique 3-part locking system for added safety.
Q. Is GFS fire rated?
A. Yes, GFS CSST is fire rated in accordance with EN1775:2007 Annex A having passed both fire test A and B up to 821 K in 30 minutes. GFS has gone further and fire tested its CSST up to 821K for 60 minutes and it still passes the test criteria.
Q. How do I size my installation using GFS CSST?
A. We have our very own sizing app available to download via the App Store. Alternatively let us do a full take off and sizing table for you free of charge complete with a bill of materials required to complete your installation.

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