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GFS Elbow

The latest addition to the GFS CSST fitting family is our male iron 90 degree elbow in 2 sizes.
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Manufactured with a male thread one end and our unique patented “Push and Seal” mechanical fitting system the other, this elbow is another product with the gas engineer in mind to give you more installation options.


Available in DN25 and 32 with a 1″ and 1 ¼” male iron where applicable.

The same fast and efficient fitting system as our CSST fitting
The same excellent safety features as our CSST fittings

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15266-ELB-02 GFS DN25 X 1″ ELBOW CONN MI DN25 X 1″
15266-ELB-03 GFS DN32 X 11/4″ ELBOW CONN MI DN32 X 1 1/4 “


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