COMING SOON! GFS’ newest product offering includes our very own CSST lever ball valve exclusive (patent pending) to the GFS brand.

The GFS CSST lever valve is a ¼ turn valve complete with a fitting base plate and yellow coloured lever handle. Our valve has one end GFS CSST and the other end is female threaded from DN15 (with ½” thread) up to DN32 with 1 ¼” thread. Other configurations of this valve will be available soon including CSST by CSST and complete with an integral gas test point.

With a patent pending for this product, GFS once again leads the way in innovative and unique offerings for its CSST product range to ensure the end user has the largest available add on products making installation faster, more efficient and safer.

Coming Soon
With both patent pending and under manufacture this valve will be available soon
DN15 x ½”, DN20 x ¾”, DN25 x 1” and DN32 x 1 ¼” available soon with female threaded ends

The only CSST manufacturer with a CSST ball valve


Soon to follow CSST x CSST and with integral test point.


Fitted with a handy two screw base plate and ¼ turn handle

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DN15 x ½”
DN20 x ¾”
DN25 x 1””
DN32 x 1 ¼”

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