GFS SupaWrap

The traditional way to wrap CSST after the final gas test is via yellow                       self-amalgamating tape wrapping around any exposed

stainless steel CSST pipe and over the first nut of the fitting. With GFS Supawrap you have a new and innovative method of wrapping your CSST.

why use SupaWrap

  • Saves even more installation time
  • Zero wastage
  • Neater and safer finish
  • Ease of use within tight spaces
  • Cost effective
Product Code Description Size


GFS CSST Supawrap DN15-DN32

DN15, 20 ,25 and 32


GFS CSST Supawrap DN40-DN50

DN40 and 50


01) Ensure the CSST fitting is inserted onto the CSST pipe, fully tightened and the final gas test has been completed satisfactorily.

02) Verify the lead from the GFS Supawrap is coming down through the bottom (indicated by an arrow) towards the end of the CSST assembly before attempting to start the pulling process of the lead and the unravelling of the inner plastic tubing.

03) Place the GFS Supawrap over the CSST fitting assembly (final nut) and the exposed stainless steel of the CSST pipe.

04) Pull the lead of the GFS Supawrap until it attaches itself onto the CSST pipe and check the position of the end of the GFS Supawrap so that it will cover the final nut of the CSST fitting assembly.

05) Pull the lead completely out of the GFS Supawrap verifying it has covered the required parts

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