GFS hobline

The GFS HobLine product is a patented flexible pipe gas hob installation kit. It saves installers up to 50% installation time when compared to rigid pipe and traditional plumbing materials.

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Manufactured to EN 15266, the GFS HobLine is also fully Kitemarked, CE marked and approved by the BSI.

There is no special tooling required for the GFS HobLine, just as with all our products. You can cut the GFS HobLine to length using a standard and appropriate cutting tool.

The GFS HobLine gas hob installation kits are:

  • Individually bagged
  • Have installation instructions included with each kit
  • And, are suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases

Hose length is 1 meter that can be cut to size


The GFS HobLine kit includes:

  • 1 metre of flexible pipe complete with a male iron taper thread hob connection
  • ½” GFS compression “Push and Seal” mechanical fitting
  • 20cm of yellow self-amalgamating tape

One end of the pipe is manufactured with a ½” taper thread for fitting onto the hob with a further GFS “Push and Seal” mechanical fitting supplied with a compression end




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