GFS CSST | Earthquake Zone

Earthquake prone zones can be destructive and devastating to communities when earthquakes hit. Especially when buildings are damaged or destroyed. People can lose their homes, lives and livelihoods. Climate change is very much upon us. We should all be preparing buildings for the oncoming change of weather conditions in the future.

We have a social and moral responsibility to do all we can to prevent the destruction that earthquake prone zones and the following earthquakes that come from these zones, cause.


How does GFS CSST fit into this?

Put simply, GFS CSST is annealed for easy forming. The flexibility of CSST allows it to move with buildings as they shake. Traditional piping such as lead or copper is rigid. This means that pipes are more likely to crack or burst under extreme pressure.

It’s time for specifiers, installers and merchants alike to take the leap and switch to CSST over traditional materials.


CSST in use

Just a few weeks ago, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey’s Elaziǧ region. The earthquake lasted for 40 seconds and even hit surrounding countries Armenia, Iran and Syria. The epicentre of the earthquake was just outside the town of Sivrice and there has been severe damage within a 40km radius.

This devastatingly large earthquake left over 15000 people seeking refuge in schools and gyms. And, a further 5000 tents were erected to provide shelter for those in need.

We understand the chaos that an earthquake can cause. Our factory is based in Turkey and they decided to generously donate CSST for 200 flats in the area to replace the old lead piping. Alongside this a local contractor also donated their time free of charge to fit the CSST to help get people back into their homes after such a traumatic experience.


So, why should we all be using GFS CSST?

GFS CSST is quick and easy to install. It requires no special tooling  and can save the installer up to 70% installation time. It’s safer than traditional rigid piping methods and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

CSST is lightweight and our push & seal mechanical fittings contribute to the ease of installation. GFS CSST is certified to BS-EN-15266.

Part of our mission is to never compromise on quality. It is the key to our success and the basis of our customers trust in our products and therefore our company.

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